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Tracking Benefits

Lessray with Tracking eliminates the hunt and shoot method associated with finding the images needed for a surgical procedure.

Now, simply allow Lessray to "Learn" localizing anatomical shots and proceed with the procedure using lower radiation settings. No longer worry about accurately returning the C-arm to the sterile field to obtain the previous anatomy and shot. Lessray will guide the technologist in positioning the C-arm back to the exact frame where the shot was "Learned" with easy to use visual cues. Why sacrifice valuable OR time when Lessray with Tracking can provide:

  • Unparalleled radiation reduction
  • Reduction in the number of re-localization shots and unnecessary images
  • Reduction in fluoroscopy time
  • More accurately acquired images
  • Increased communication between the physician and technologist
  • Greater opportunity to abide by the principles of ALARA

Easy to Use Visual Cues

FDA Lessray & Technologist Evaluation

In preparation for the FDA Tracking submission, Lessray was evaluated in 24 cases. In all 24 cases, a technologist guided the C-arm in and out of the field after each shot. Each case was evaluated on time needed to guide the C-arm back to the exact previous shot as well as total radiation required to obtain those shots over the length of each case. Below are the results.

OR Time

Less Operating Room Time

Conclusion: Using Lessray to guide the C-arm back into the field and to the exact previous shot significantly cut down on the total OR time. No longer rely on the hunt and shoot method but rely on accurate redirection when utilizing Lessray.

Total Case Radiation

Less Radiation

Conclusion: With the use of low dose and pulsed imaging, Lessray allows significant radiation reduction while providing clear, usable images.